Government Departments, Port Authorities and Commercial Operations now have a cost effective port and harbour security solution with the AIMS Security System. This solution couples DMT’s advanced radar systems with thermal and high resolution cameras to provide an all-weather solution from the ship hull to over 8 kilometres out. This safe and cost effective solution is designed for salt water environments, heavy winds, vibration and motion. The radar has an operating temperature range of -40 to +70 degrees C.


The cornerstone sensor of the AIMS Security System is the AIMS Fast-Scan-SS radar. It is an X-Band radar radiating less power than most mobile phones. This radar is part of a family of AIMS (Area Intrusion Monitoring System) products designed for human, small boat, vehicles, large ship detection and even low flyer detection. The AIMS has a powerful on-board CPU (central processing unit) that quickly processes all received signals into detection data. The result is that AIMS Fast-Scan-SS requires low bandwidth for communications.