Liquid and Chemical Detection

EMILI-2 is a real time (fast) liquid analyser based on evanescent field radio frequency and microwave technology. It enables non-invasive discrimination of liquids (substances) inside arbitrary shaped containers. The containers can be transparent or opaque; made of plastic, glass or ceramic material; and can be fully or partially filled.

The EMISENS EMILI-2 employs a patented unique dual frequency mode sensor. The measurements of the two modes are simultaneous and relate to the dielectric constant of the liquid, the dipolar relaxation and the ionic conductivity. These characteristics are compared to stored values to assess whether the substance inside the bottle is benign or hazardous.

The EMILI-2 is designed for use at airport security checkpoints. It is easy to operate and scans a container in one second.

For more information: 

Emisens EMILI 2 Data Sheet