Fire Detection

Video Smoke & Flame Detection


The SigniFire™ IP video camera can see and recognize smoke, flames and motion while monitoring large spaces at great distances.

It identifies the event in seconds, sends live video to remote locations, triggers fire alarms, while recording forensic evidence crucial for future fire investigations. Cameras are deployed in conjunction with an AxonX FSM-IP advanced Network Video Recorder (NVR) platform that can address the immediate security needs of an organization of any size.

SigniFire™ cameras are capable of detecting:

  • Presence of flames within the field of view of the camera.
  • Reflected fire light when flames are obstructed.
  • Presence of pluming smoke clouds.
  • Presence of ambient smoke.
  • Unauthorized Intrusion.

 Fire Indicator Panels

DVL supply and install Conventional and Intelligent fire systems and Mulit-zone Occupant Warning and Intercom Systems.