General Communications

DVL are leaders in wireless digital data radio modem technology implementation. We have established an enviable reputation as providers of digital data radio systems for use in Point to Multi Point (MAS) data radio communication systems, as well as Point to Point data links.

Employing the latest digital technology to achieve leading edge data radio communications performance, our project design and installation offer features unique in wireless data implementations for SCADA and Telemetry, backed up by maintenance and service.

 Dataline Visual Link's employees offer an extensive knowledge in data radio communication products and ancillaries, simplex or half duplex remotes as well as both standard and hot standby redundant full duplex base stations and repeaters.


Communication services include:

  • Design, supply, installation and testing of structured cabling systems
  • Installation and infrastructure for GSM sites
  • Wireless Access Points
  • Power Over Ethernet
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol VOIP
  • Specialist services include defence Red/Black Communications, secure logging and encryption.
  • External and internal communications packages

Data Filters, Converters and Amplifiers for Marine or Specialised Electronic Systems

Our marine electronics installation professionals know that distributing data is increasingly becoming a key component in wheelhouses across the world. Simply installing and connecting a variety of devices from various manufactures isn´t always as simple as it might seem. 

To address the complexity of integrating the abundance of voltage levels, data formats, and signal types found in modern wheelhouses, DVL’s staff have the experience and contacts within the industry to develop a custom solution to GPS, Navigation or Marine Integration of Data solutions, comprising a wide range of products that enable you to convert and mix the most commonly found data formats and levels.

Designed by technicians for the installer, the solutions have proven that DVL can solve the most complex integration problems likely to be encountered in the day-to-day installation of marine electronics. Whether it´s pulse or SOG conversion, multiplexing, NMEA distribution, sentence filtering, or specialized application, DVL can find or develop the solution to solve the clients particular problem.