Border Protection

International and National Borders are a security issue for all Governments due to the smuggling of people, drugs, weapons and contraband, which help fund criminal activity and create social issues worldwide. Insecure Borders can also lead to more severe issues such as insurrection, incursion and terrorist activity.

In order for Governments to protect their citizens it is important that they control their Borders effectively. However, this can often present quite a challenge as Borders may run for hundreds if not thousands of kilometres through varying and sometimes hostile terrain or ocean areas.

DVL have provided a wide range of Border Security solutions for the surveillance, detection and screening of persons crossing national land, sea or air Borders.

DVLs Range of Technologies includes;

  • CCTV surveillance equipment (Day and Night)
  • Security Radar for Land and Sea
  • Sonar Equipment for Port Security
  • Non-Lethal Weapons
  • Access and secure security systems for protected zones

By developing an integrated Border Security solution, DVL can provide countries with powerful Border control capabilities, regardless of length, complexity or terrain.